We all know that football is absolutely the most famous and popular sport in the US and it practically has no competition in its popularity. In fact, 35% of all sports fans in America see the National Football League (NFL) as their favorite sports league. Moreover, 11% of the sports fans enjoyed college football. All in all this means that 46% of the nation alone enjoy football more than any other sport available.

The fact that football is so popular can also be confirmed by the many football betting guides and sites offering news, odds and info on football sports betting. After all, a large part of all sports fans enjoy taking part in sports betting, as this is also a way of showing your support to the teams. Also, this makes the games more exciting to watch, and adds a touch of adrenaline in the whole sports watching experience.

However, most of the people who bet on football and other sports often lose money doing so because they are fans in the first place, and they don’t care about winning money too much. However, our football betting guide is here to tell you that you can be profitable from football sports betting if you follow a list of few tips. So, if you are tired of losing money and instead enjoy winning money by betting on your favorite team keep on reading our football betting guide. And you can do that, online betting is available at the best mobile Canadian casino, where you can find the best odds for sports betting and lots of games to keep you entertained and win you some money along the way.

The Most Popular Football Leagues:

If you see the football betting guides and if you visit a sports betting website and see all the lines, odds and options, you’ll see that there are different football leagues you should know of. Of course, if you want to have unbreakable betting systems without any slips – here are the football leagues you should know about:

  1. NFL

The NFL is the absolute favorite league that you should bet on. Of course, from the many great games to the amazing teams taking part in it – it has some great adrenaline-rushing events. Besides, it is why it is the main focus of many football betting guides too.

  1. NCAA College League

The first division in the College league is divided in two very exciting sub-divisions – the Bowl Subdivision or the FBS and the Championship Subdivision or the FCS and they are equally exciting for betting!

  1. CFL

A great runner-up to the NFL and the NCAA is the Canadian Football League as it has so many great players and events which gain a lot of fame and popularity.

How to Bet on Football

Besides reading a football betting guide or two and knowing the basics about reading the lines, there are certain tips and tricks that will help you build a better strategy, win more money and ultimately – enjoy football more because you are getting rich from it.

The best way to bet on football is using legal online casino websites and mobile casino apps because of several reasons. First, legal online casinos are significantly helpful for all of us who are on the move, and they allow us the comfort of betting from anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, online casinos also offer you the benefit of getting casino bonuses which can hardly be found anywhere else. For example, one of the best ones is the no deposit casino bonus which basically allows you to place bets for free and win real money at the same time. Amazing, huh?

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What are Money-lines Bets

Money-lines bets are practically the easiest bets you can take online. You look at the odds in a simple manner – if it says -60, you’ll need to bet $60 to get $100, or if it says +200, you’ll get $300(100+200) if you bet $100. Easy, understanding the money-lines bets, right?

Improve Your Strategy with Our Tips & Odds

If you were wondering how to win money while betting on football, there are certain things that you need go have in mind regarding the lines, strategy and odds. First, make sure that you are reading the lines correctly and taking bets that you can actually win. Also, make sure to do your research because pure intuition won’t lead you a long way. However, make sure that you aren’t betting with your heart but with your mind. This is why you should go through the lines carefully and make your best bet. Moreover, if you are a beginner, don’t get greedy and bet on systems.

How to Win Real Money on Football Betting Slips?

Unlike digitalized sports betting, you can also do football betting using the traditional way – slips over at the bookie. If you are interested in this, of course, the same rules apply – before filling in your slip, you need to do your research and use your knowledge as your main asset towards winning big money. Of course, never bet too much if you are a beginner. Make sure to find the best betting lines too.